WhatsApp is already testing WhatsApp Premium, the paid subscription for companies: this is how it works

We knew that WhatsApp was working on a paid subscription with advanced business features. However, it has not been until now that Meta’s messaging application has begun its gradual rollout, according to WABetaInfo.

As it is a subscription with functions specifically designed for the commercial field, it is coming exclusively to WhatsApp Business. And, at this early stage, it is doing so among some members of the beta program of the app.

If we broaden the vision of this movement a little, as we will see later, it is also a new way of generating income. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users, but does not charge for using its main service.

The functions that come with WhatsApp Premium

WhatsApp Business users, who currently have at their disposal a personalized business profile and tools to automate, respond to and organize messages, will receive two new features when subscribing to WhatsApp Premium.

custom link. One of the advantages of the subscription will be to be able to create a personalized link to share with your clients with the format wa.me/business.name which replaces the classic link with the phone number.

It should be noted that the personalized link will be available as long as the subscription is maintained. If you stop paying, explains WABetaInfo, another company will be able to use it later. Also, the platform will only support one modification every 90 days.

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More connected devices. The second advantage that comes from the hand of WhatsApp Premium is the possibility of linking up to ten web devices in the account (not mobile phones), a multi-device feature that is limited to only four web devices in free accounts.

This will be accompanied by the possibility of assigning a name to each linked device to facilitate its identification. You will also be able to assign a chat to a particular agent and see which agents sent messages from which device.

At the moment these are the only news that come with WhatsApp Premium which, as we mentioned above, has begun its deployment among some users of WhatsApp Business Beta. In relation to the price, not yet confirmed.

The WhatsApp business model

Offering a messaging service to 2,000 million active users does not come cheap. If not, let’s ask Telegram, which ensures that it has had to resort to Telegram Premium to be able to pay for server expenses related to its growth.

In the case of the Meta application, this generates revenue through its business services. WhatsApp Business charges a fee if the company exceeds 1,000 messages in a month. Also, the app collects some data for business purposes and shares it with its parent company.

As we know, data is one of the most precious treasures and, therefore, translates into money for the companies that own and use it. But that is not all. WhatsApp has a payments feature called WhatsApp Pay in some countries like India and Brazil, allowing you to earn money from transactions, according to the Financial Times.

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With the Premium subscription, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg will have a new source of income for WhatsApp. Over time we will know if more changes come. Rumors have circulated in recent years that States could receive announcementsbut these have been dilating over the months.

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