You can now buy a Steam Deck and its Dock Station without having a reservation

You can now buy a Steam Deck and its Dock Station without having a reservation

Steam Deck, the popular Valve console is being a success in sales, topping the list of best sellers on Steam, above its games. However, demand exceeded supply and we had to book and wait months for the Deck to arrive in our homes. Now everything has changed, because Valve has announced that finally the Steam Deck and its Dock can be purchased without prior reservationalong with the official dock that Valve has just released.

Taking into account that it is a niche product and is aimed at a specific market, we can classify Valve’s console as a very successful device. This is not a conventional console such as the Nintendo Switch, but rather it is a PC made consolewith a more powerful hardware. If to this we add a price that is unrivaled In its sector, we thus have a top selling product on Steam, which has forced many people to wait patiently to receive their Deck. Fortunately, Valve got their act together and announced that it was increasing Steam Deck production capacity in order to satisfy their buyers.

If you want a Steam Deck of 256 or 512 GB runs, there is no need to reserve

Steam Deck Preorders Instant Buy

Many months have passed, but it seems that Valve has kept its promise in order to improve production and waiting times after reserving its console. And it is that, if we go to the steam store where we can buy the Steam Deck, we will be pleasantly surprised. The models of 256 and 512 GB of the Steam Deck can now be purchased without prior reservation, something that, without a doubt, will make many happy. Therefore, if we currently opt for one of these models, we will receive it in a period of time between 1 to 2 weeks.

Thus, all those users who saw that waiting time as the biggest inconvenience to having one, can now breathe in peace. Of course, the cheapest version, the 64 GB Steam Deck still needs to be reserved and it is expected to be available between October and December 2022. All this has a reason for being and that is, Valve has decided temporarily remove reservationsthat is to say, these Steam Deck that we see now available for immediate shipment could stop being so soon.

“If the volume of orders for a specific Steam Deck model exceeds our ability to ship it on time, it will revert to the pre-order model,” Valve said.

The official Dock is also available without reservation for 99 euros

Valve not only announces that the Steam Deck can be purchased without reservationbut also his docking station follow the same path. With this, Valve announces that its docking station for the console is now officially available. Of course, as we can see, the price will be very high, since it will cost no less than €99 (89 dollars), for a dock that, as we saw before, was not the best on the market. In case we want to buy it, the shipping will be 1 to 2 weeksthe same as for the Steam Deck so buying both should arrive at the same time.

Regarding its technical specifications, this Steam Deck docking station will have 3 USB-A 3.1 Gen1 portsbeside one ethernet port to have a stable internet speed. In addition, it has outputs for TV or external monitors with DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0so we can use screens 4K No problem. This dock will be connected by a USB-C to Steam Deck and although will not give extra performance like on Nintendo Switch, it will allow you to play the console without being limited to handheld mode. Finally, it has dimensions of 117mm x 29mm x 50.5mm and a weight of only 120 grams.

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