Among all the messaging apps currently available on the market, WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most successful, followed immediately after by Telegram, which is having considerable success especially in recent years, thanks also to encrypted conversations.

Over the next few weeks, however, Whatsapp could introduce a new function that could destabilize several users in its daily use.

spy on whatsapp

According to a very reliable source, the famous site Wabetainfothe Meta application would be testing a drink version that would include a new tool, capable of prevent screenshots of photos and videos of conversations.

This would therefore avoid forwarding the screenshots of the photos contained in their private conversations to third-party usersor in any case to keep them in their own gallery.

Clearly this feature is still in the testing phase, within a presumably beta version of the app, and no release date has been specified for the major operating systems. Recall that a similar function currently exists for Instagram direct, where the user in this case receives a notification in the event that the recipient acquires a screenshot of the photos sent.

The point of the situation

Even in the case of WhatsApp, this new feature would affect photos and videos that can be viewed temporarily, for one time only. Conversations, however, may still be targeted by unwanted screenshots, and we don’t know if they’ll get the same treatment as temporary photos and videos in the future. Another feature that could arrive with the new beta of WhatsApp concerns in this case the voice calls, with the introduction of the so-called “Call links“.

They would give the possibility to receive a link, through which to join a video call with other users, or a group call. In this way, user entry into calls will be much simpler and more intuitive than in the past. We do not yet know a precise release date, although we assume that the function will be released for all users (iOS and Android) in a few weeks. For now, the maximum limit allowed for participants in a video call is a maximum of 8 users at the same time. However, the company has communicated its intention to extend this limit, bringing it up to a maximum of 32 people.

whatsapp 2 courier

So we just have to wait for future updates on the part of WhatsApp, which we are sure will not be long in coming over the next few weeks or months.


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