After controversy, Valve deletes reference to Switch emulator in Steam Deck video

After controversy, Valve deletes reference to Switch emulator in Steam Deck video

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This week, Valve caught the attention of gamers in an unexpected way. The company showed off the potential of Steam Deck in a video that caused a lot of controversy, as a Nintendo Switch emulator was shown on the portable PC.

The community reacted instantly with comments of all kinds, ranging from harsh criticism of Valve to reflections on emulation and piracy. Social networks were filled with reactions to the video and, as expected, Gabe Newell’s company did not sit idly by. He first removed the video and later posted a new version where he removed the Switch-related detail.

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Valve removed reference to Switch and its emulation

The Steam Deck promo was up on YouTube for a couple of hours before it was removed. Surely someone at Valve saw the fuss that was going on and did what was necessary to temporarily take down the video.

Subsequently, the company uploaded a new version where all references to Switch and its emulation on Steam Deck were edited and removed. Instead of displaying the emulator icon, an image of the emulator now appears. Gate 2one of Valve’s most successful titles.

It didn’t take long for the community to notice the adjustment; however, the controversy had already spread through social networks. In the end, many players took the situation with humor and even joked about possible lawsuits from Nintendo.

Valve preferred to remain silent, so they did not give an explanation about it. So it is not clear what happened or the reasons why the video showing the Nintendo Switch emulator was uploaded.

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