Amouranth has revealed to be worth a fortune, to a hater who had invited her to go to work -

Amouranth literally worth a fortune. 100 million dollars. To reveal it was she herself, replying to one of her haters on her Twitter that had invited her to look for a work. In short, ours had the answer ready as usual and made it clear for the umpteenth time that it is not attackable from the point of view of money.

Amouranth: “If I just put my money in the S&P index (let’s say the $ VOO, considering the average return history), when I’m 40 I will be worth $ 100 million. Keep your real job, it fits you so much better.“More precisely thehater, who now seems to have deleted her message, had remarked that one day her appearance will no longer help her and that at forty she will no longer be able to use her breasts to make money. She obviously she won’t need it.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is there Twitch streamer most famous and followed in the world. Known for its erotic content, it boasts millions of followers and viewers, with millions of dollars grossed on OnlyFans. Over time, ours has built a real personal business empire, which includes gas pumps and a plastic ball factory.

Basically it is the classic case of a person blessed by all those who hate and publicly despise him, who do not realize that he has made his fortune.

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