Another game triumphs like a beast when it reaches Xbox Game Pass

Otro juego más triunfa a lo bestia al llegar a Xbox Game Pass

Another game triumphs like a beast when it reaches Xbox Game Pass

Partnering with Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft is often a win-win deal for both companies, both Microsoft and developers. We are in front of a new case of success, as soon as it arrives at Xbox Game Pass, this time it is the turn of, Chivarly 2.

Chivarly 2 debuted this week on Xbox Game Pass and that has seen the active players in the game grow exceptionally, by as much as half a million players overnight. That’s right, the creators of the game welcomed the 500,000 new knights who had joined the battle after the game arrived on Xbox Game Pass.

Chivarly 2 triumphs with its arrival on Xbox Game Pass

It is also important to say that the game itself is very good, we recommend that anyone who has not tried it yet do so, the game is fun, the battles are brutal and the graphics are really spectacular.

If you want to know more details about Chivarly 2 for Xbox, you can read our complete analysis through the following link.

Another game succeeds like a beast when it comes to Xbox Game Pass - The games that come to Xbox Game Pass continue to grow studios and their number of players.

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