Assistant's driving mode is close to Google's graveyard: Android Auto for smartphones no longer has a successor

Back to talk about Android Auto and driving mode by Assistant. Two entities that seemed to indicate almost the same thing. Google then hinted that Assistant’s driving mode would succeed Android Auto. But we know, Google likes to change.

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What in fact was born as the new generation by Android Auto, directly integrated into the Assistant and without requiring the need to install a standalone app, it stands for say goodbye definitively.

Google has indeed communicated that from the next November 21 the driving mode of Assistant will no longer be available. Instead, the Guide mode of Maps. This is enough similar to that of Assistant and, if you want, it is even easier to start since you just have to open Maps when you are in the car.

Assistant driving mode proposed an optimized interface to access navigation and main services Google and of music streaming which can come in handy while driving.

The Guide mode of Maps is very similar indeed.

We can therefore expect Google to have made this choice for don’t keep a near duplicate among the services it offers to its users in the car.

However, it is important to underline how with this choice there is no longer a direct successor to Android Auto for smartphone displays. Also because the Guide mode of Maps is nothing more than a section of the Google Maps app.

We don’t know the reasons Google behind the choice. In a way it seems that Google is “releasing“his Assistant from services that they are not strictly related to the potential of a voice assistant.

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