At boarding with a load of stolen tablets and smartphones, a 47-year-old reported to the port

At boarding with a load of stolen tablets and smartphones, a 47-year-old reported to the port

In the luggage, in addition to clothes and personal effects, there were dozens of electronic devices – including Nintendo Switches, iPads, smartphones and laptops – still packed. In part, it was about goods that before being stolen should have ended up on the shelves of some shopping center, the rest probably came from bag-snatching and theft in the city. The maritime border police reported a 47-year-old man of Moroccan origin to the port for the crime of receiving stolen goods.

The agents carried out some checks on the passengers who were boarding the ship La Suprema, of the GNV company, bound for Genoa. Among them was a man who, in front of uniformed personnel, would have begun to show some nervousness. The police then inspected his car inside which was hidden a “treasure” made up of expensive technological material.

At the end of the operation, 4 Nintendo Switch consoles, 3 smartwatches, 3 Apple pencils, a Lenovo tablet model P11 pro, three Sony wireless controllers for PlayStation 5, a TomTom navigator, a Nest Hub Google assistant, a Chromecast of Google, an Apple mini decoder, three used but well-made notebooks and two Apple iPads and some smartphones.

The investigators would have asked the Moroccan for an explanation, but he would not have been able to justify the possession of all that material. Thanks to subsequent investigations, two notebooks were returned to those who had reported the theft in February and August. The remaining goods have been seized pending tracing the other owners who will be able to get in touch with the police headquarters or directly with the maritime border police office at the port.

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