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Most launch issuesOverwatch 2 are now resolved, and the developers share in a post tonight an update on the current situation, after three maintenances having taken place over the last two nights. Find the details below.

SMS Protection

The phone number requirement change is now in place. As mentioned earlier this week, this means that the majority of console gamers (having already Overwatch logged into a account, which all console players who have played since June 9, 2021), no longer need this one. PC gamers who have already played Overwatch no longer need it either. If you have an active case for SMS Protection but no longer need it because of this change, close it to reduce Technical Support queues.

Friday Patches

Friday’s maintenances helped solve two issues: the first was to deploy fixes for some bugs related to account merging and logins, and the second was to improve the databases. This resulted in a fourfold increase in capacity and reduction in queues. The developers are keeping an eye on this, especially as we approach the weekend when more players will be logging on – early signs are positive, but the team will be watching closely.

Merging accounts

The developers have made progress on this, and believe they have a working solution for the general issues. Some players who have merged their accounts should now see a full collection, but several are still in line, and more will be after logging in over the weekend. As mentioned earlier, your collection is not lost, and due to improvements in the database, these merges are now faster.

Observatory Pack on Consoles

Console players who purchased the Observatory Pack may not see available items – although some players had this issue on Xbox, this primarily affected PlayStation. The developers deployed a fix with tonight’s maintenance.


The developers fixed the majority of these issues with Friday’s patches, but the issue persisted for a small number of players who were still seeing this error, preventing login. The devs also rolled out a fix with tonight’s maintenance.


As the capacity has been increased and the player average is higher, matchmaking systems are affected, meaning you may experience a wait before being placed in a match. The devs have made changes to this over the past few hours to reduce this and will continue to monitor matchmaking queues over the weekend to identify any further improvements that can be made.

Crashes/Black Screens

The team gathered feedback about crashes occurring in different situations. Fixes have been deployed in the past few hours.


Blizzard knows that the launch experience has been frustrating for many players in the community and thanks them for their patience and support as the developers improve the experience.Overwatch 2 for everyone.

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