Can't sleep a wink?  These 7 products will make you sleep better fast

The stress of everyday life, a sedentary lifestyle, mobile screens, that recurring concern… All these factors and many more can become triggers of insomniaa common disorder of sleep what can cause difficulty to sleep or to get a break quality. And since no one is oblivious to this, in Showroom we have chosen several products to sleep better in the most comfortable way. They can all be purchased at amazonwhere they are a hit with customers.


The sleeping plugs best sellers on Amazon are made of silicone and they are reusable and durable. Also, they are capable of reducing noise up to 27 decibels thanks to your circle design, which fits perfectly in the ear. Available in six colorseach box includes a case with a pair of earplugs and four pads of different sizes. This product adds over 29,000 reviews on the website of the electronic commerce giant.


sleeping headphones

These Bluetooth headphones stand out for their 3 in 1 design which makes them usable as wireless headphones to sleep, like music mask for the eyes or how sports band. Thus, by synchronizing the device with the phone you can listen to your favorite music and isolate yourself from the environment to sleep better. equipped with two flat padded speakers that do not put pressure on the ears, the headphones guarantee up to 10 hours of autonomy for a two hour charge. On Amazon, this product is a complete success and accumulates over 14,000 reviews. In addition, it is sold in Two colors.


leg pillow

The pillows for the legs they are a very interesting resource to help the body find the desired posture. And this model, from the Everlasting Comfort brand, is made of soft and dense memory foam that conforms to the shape of the lower body to create a support system in the knees. The hourglass structurein addition, it presents a double curved design that cradles each leg and provides just enough clearance to achieve the ideal sleeping position. In this way, the hips and lower back will also be more relaxed. The pillow has over 13,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s equipped with a strap that prevents it from moving.


Alarm clock Philips Wake-up Light HF3519/01

The alarm clock Philips Wake-Up Light is the best seller on amazon Due to its innovative system of alarmthat simulate sunrise (for 30 minutes) and gradually lights up in five levels, from a soft red color to natural light. In addition, it has other five natural audible alarm tones and of FM Radio. With a screen incorporating touch pads, this digital alarm clock also add the function Smartsnooze, with which, when touching the light, the device itself postpones the alarm for nine minutes. This product has almost 10,000 reviews on this website, where it is on sale: 25% discount, save 30.42 euros.


Dodow Luminous Metronome

Dodow is a luminous metronome that teaches you to fall asleep naturally, without the need to take any medication. After the corresponding exercise of inhale and exhale to the rhythm set by the device, which will project a light on the ceiling in a period of 8 to 20 minutes, the metronome will turn itself off. According to the manufacturer, on average, users who have used Dodow state falling asleep or going back to sleep up to “2.5 times faster” for gain “about a hundred hours of sleep a year”. On Amazon, this device accumulates over 9,000 reviews.


Viscoelastic pillow Pikolin Home

Available in 18 sizesis memory foam pillow count with one core of memory foam that adapts to the morphology of the body and reduces pressure points. ergonomic and with double coverhas a high firmness and one medium adaptability, recommended for sleeping on your side and back. Furthermore, it is breathablehighly durable and comfortable, and offers easy maintenance, since both the outer cover is washable. On Amazon, this product accumulates over 2,500 reviews.


Melatonin Vitaldin

The melatonin It is a hormone produced by the brain and that is “key” in the regulation of sleep and wakefulness, explains the manufacturer Vitaldin. And its segregation is conditioned by the amount of light that the brain perceives, so that it secretes more at night. Thanks to this jelly bean accessory you will be able better regulate sleep cyclessince each tablet contains 1 mg of melatonin and 1.4 mg of vitamin B6. Both substances contribute “to reduce the time needed to sink into quality sleep.” With blackberry flavor Y without gluteneach package contains 70 gummies (a two-month supply). This product adds on Amazon over 2,000 reviews.


*All prices included in this article are updated as of 08-10-2022.

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