Death Stranding 2 confirmed?  Kojima Productions lets out a clue on Twitter -

Within the usual, cryptic promotional campaign for the new game in development, it seems that Kojima Productions let slip a clue which seems to point sharply at Death Stranding 2given the presence of the hashtag dedicated to the first chapter in one of the tweets that emerged in these hours on the mysterious title.

As we have seen, after the confirmation of Elle Fanning as part of the cast of the new game by Hideo Kojima, another mystery immediately began about another character who will be part of this. This other actress may also have been discovered in the meantime, but here we are interested in pointing out another interesting question.

In a retweet made by the user CopperKat, who should be a producer of Kojima Productions, appears thehashtag @DeathStranding, in addition to @WhereAmI. The tweet was promptly removed, which only adds to the suspicions about the meaning of that hashtag too much, but it was still captured by Gematsu with the screenshot you can see above.

The presence of the Death Stranding title, although it may be a general reference to a previous game of the team, seems not to be exactly random: the idea is that it is a further confirmation that the new game in development at Kojima Productions is own Death Stranding 2. On the other hand, a semi-confirmation of the project had also arrived from Norman Reedus himself regarding its existence, at this point we can think that the entire promotional campaign set up in these days by Kojima has to do with the game in question.

Meanwhile, the answer to the new question, or “Where Am I” will arrive in the next few days, revealing another piece of the puzzle.

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