developer reports that he has worked on the game's RTX, will there be ray tracing?  -

Through Germain Mazac’s LinkedIn profiledeveloper of Bethesda, we find out that Mazac is working on Starfield’s RTX component: Does this mean that the game will support ray tracing?

Precisely, Mazac deals with “thePBR (Physically Based Rendering) lightingindirect lighting, and RTX integration. “PBR refers to altering the value of various types of surfaces and textures in the game so that they capture and reflect light appropriately. Combined with real-time ray tracing – or rather by calculating the direction, path and intensity of light sources – a more credible, varied and realistic lighting and shadow system is created.

In case Mazac is actually talking about ray tracing integration, the final experience of Starfield it would certainly be very interesting. We remember, however, that Bethesda has not announced or even suggested that Starfield will support ray tracing, so for the moment we have no confirmations of any kind.

Germain Mazac's LinkedIn profile

Germain Mazac’s LinkedIn profile

Also, before finding out if there will be ray tracing, players would like to know what ray tracing is exit date precise, still unknown. It would seem that there is too much, in any case, as according to new rumors the new release date and DLC or Season Pass will be revealed soon

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