Ganar logros en Overwatch 2 podrĂ­a expulsarte del juego 2

Overwatch 2 suffers from a major error Xbox which kicks players out of the game whenever certain conditions are met. According to reports from various players, Earning achievements in Overwatch 2 could get you kicked out of the game.. In general terms, a large number of technical problems in Overwatch 2 are affecting a large part of the players on all platforms. Though Blizzard has been doing maintenance on the game daily, many issues keep interrupting the gaming experience.

For their part, numerous Overwatch 2 players in Xbox are reporting an issue where earning an in-game achievement results in a disconnect, rebooting them to the main screen. After getting kicked from Overwatch 2 for getting an achievement, the game wouldn’t let me back in until the alternate MAC address was reset in the console Xbox.

Earning achievements in Overwatch 2 could get you kicked out of the game

Obviously, this will affect new Overwatch 2 players on Xbox more than anyone as they will have more achievements to earn compared to those who have been playing Overwatch since the original launched six years ago. And the good news for those battling in Competitive mode is that new players from Overwatch 2 they cannot enter Competitive until they have won 50 quick matches.

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