Gotham Knights: huge leak for the Warner Bros game, the final Boss revealed!

Game News Gotham Knights: huge leak for the Warner Bros game, the final Boss revealed!

With Gotham Knights releasing in a few days, Warner Bros. is the victim of massive leaks for its title due to a mistake by retailers. Much of the plot as well as the final Boss would have leaked.

Batman, the next generation

Only a few more days to wait before the release of Gotham Knights, the new software from Warner Bros. featuring the dark knight, or rather his followers here. Because yes, the dark knight is no morebut Gotham City can always count on Robin, Nightwing, Bat-girl and Red Hood to bring justice.

This new title should present itself as a worthy heir to the Arkham franchise, but be careful not to get trapped by the universe of the title which is in no way a direct sequel to Warner Bros.’ previous Batman games. New versions of characters and a new plot, Gotham Knights marks a turning point for the dark knight’s video game incursions. Many expectations are therefore placed in this still unpublished story, which unfortunately leaked recently on the web. We are talking here about massive leaks which could spoil the pleasure of a large number of players. Explanations guaranteed without spoilers.

A massive and disastrous leak

It’s an unfortunate and avoidable leak that Warner Bros has just suffered for Gotham Knights. While the software is expected for next October 21, which is very soon, some players who have made their pre-order have received the official artbook of the title fifteen days in advance. Big problem, since this artbook goes back largely to the design of the software and contains images of still secret characters, including the final Boss!

From then on, the images began to circulate massively on the web. A damaging and oh so disappointing situation for those who would like to avoid spoilers, but also for the development teams who wanted to keep the surprise intact. Fleur Marty, producer of the game, wanted to express her disappointment on social networks.

Since this leak, Warner Bros. does everything to contain it by patrolling the web in order to have any information deleted. Be careful, therefore, if you are doing last-minute research on the software and you intend to take full advantage of it when it is released.

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