Hundreds of fraudulent apps stole Facebook accounts

More of one million users leaked the access data to their Facebook account by using malicious apps on iOS and Android. Meta researchers announced that they discovered more than 400 apps that cheated users posing as photo editors or games. applications, specifically designed to steal login credentialsasked people to log in to their account in exchange for rewards.

According to security experts, the developers used a mechanism similar to that found in other free applications, where benefits are promised in exchange for performing certain actions (watching a video or accessing a link). In this case, the apps Required login to use. When entering the data, the application stored it to send it back and leave the user vulnerable.

Malicious apps used other common app store tactics, such as post fake reviews to cover up those that exposed fraud. According to Meta data, most apps disguised themselves as photo editors and promised the user to “turn the photo into a cartoon” if you signed in with your Facebook account. Others did it VPN, guaranteed to improve speed or guarantee access to blocked websites and content.

Watch out!  That VPN app you downloaded might have stolen your Facebook account.
These fraudulent apps were dedicated to stealing Facebook user accounts.

Reported apps include Video Converter Master, Agent John FPS, Unblocked Website, Color Call, Speedy VPN Tunnel, Meta Optimize, FB Analytic, and hundreds more. The number of malicious apps on Android exceeds that of iOS more than three times. It is worth mentioning that almost all the fake apps for iOS are tools for Facebook, while on Android the entertainment ones dominate.

goal now warned users who leaked their data to malicious applications in order to recover and secure your accounts. The company also contacted Apple and Google to remove all apps, as well as other researchers and security experts to create a front to combat this class of threats.

Yes ok there are millions of applications and games that request our data from Facebook or Google to obtain benefits, there are some tips to identify those that are fraudulent. One feature of these apps is to request data from social networks to be able to use it for the first time. If you see the Facebook button in a photo app, VPN, or video editor, watch out!

It is also advisable to review the reviews, although in the latter there are countless tricks that developers use to avoid negative opinions. To this we add that many people do not always report or comment on an app when it does not fulfill what it promises.

If you have been the victim of an app or suspect that you have one installed, the first thing you should do is remove it from your mobile.

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