it only took a month to seduce me

it only took a month to seduce me

I spent six months with a Galaxy Z Flip 3, I loved the Z Flip 4, and yet one month with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 was enough to convince me of its usefulness.

Multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

I spent six months with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in my pocket. I was then able to test the Galaxy Z Flip 4. In the articles that followed these two experiences, I was able to emphasize on many occasions how much I found that in my eyes it was a real new way of experimenting with smartphones, in that a physical limitation completely changed my relationship to this sometimes too intrusive little beast. After letting a little water run under the bridge, I spent a month with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, whose appeal I hadn’t seen so far. Well let me tell you I was wrong.

My phone speaks to me differently

One thing that I find particularly interesting with folding smartphones is that they tend to change the way I use them very naturally compared to a normal phone. The change takes place almost without my realizing it, then when it comes time to take stock, I notice that my behavior has changed. And I just have to pick up the fruits and tell you about the experience.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is entirely in this vein. Perhaps what changed the most was my dynamic when I was using my phone. Usually, with any smartphone, you have a single screen in front of you with which to do everything: reply to messages, watch content, manage your music, etc. Result, you are forced to change pace, practice on one and the same space.

There, everything is different. I very quickly developed two diametrically opposed uses for each screen. The external one was useful for all very quick tasks: changing music on my Spotify or YouTube Music widget, responding quickly to a colleague, pairing my wireless headphones, etc. In short, what I would call all comers. But as soon as I wanted to go a little deeper, enjoy video content, manage my agenda, play a game… the internal screen opened my arms. By the way, I’ve never enjoyed SVoD sessions in bed in the evening so much as with this screen. Besides, the thing is well done: you can have a completely different layout with the internal screen and the external screen, which allows you to really separate the experiences.

The “widget king”

I find here a bit the same dynamic as with the Z Flip, namely an external screen to manage daily life and an internal screen to really use the device to the fullest. Except that there, when you unfold, you don’t have a “simple smartphone”, but a tablet, neither more nor less. In this, we can clearly say that the Fold is superior to the Flip, I have to bring myself to admit it.

You can see this better when you’re a fan, like me, of widgets. Usually, I have to make choices in the ones I post. There, I was able to roll around in it without any shame, display huge large widgets that take up all the space like those of the World for example, while keeping a little room for Google Photos, Todoist and others. The large internal screen is also a real pleasure in terms of productivity and this is greatly reinforced by the latest additions in terms of screen partitioning. Very easy to use, just learn two or three gestures to really enjoy it. Here too, the Flip offers it, but in a much less powerful way, due to lack of space.

The Galaxy Z Fold is therefore a real pleasure in short for anyone who sees the appeal of a tablet, but does not yet have one. When you see the price of Samsung’s high-end tablets and S line phones, you could argue that buying a Fold 4 at 1799 euros would ultimately be cheaper than an S22 plus a Tab S8, regardless of the models. All without having to juggle between two devices. Again, I must admit defeat, my Flip is not able to do that.

Worries and hassles

Speaking of the Flip, I found one of its flaws on this Fold: the concern that its solidity can cause. I voluntarily speak here of a feeling and not of a certainty, since I did not have to deplore any concern. But I found elements that lead me to think that the Z Fold 4 will end up encountering the same reliability concerns that I ended up finding after 6 months of Z Flip.

By this I mean that from time to time, the screen had a little more trouble opening, as if small dust had gotten into the hinge. Remember that the Z Fold 4 is IPX8, so it is sensitive to dust. On the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 tested in the long term of the editorial staff, this ended up resulting in a phone that no longer opened at 100%, but something close to 99.8%. As for the screen itself, there is no reason for me to doubt that it will end up being the victim of a phenomenon of micro-scratches observed by many users after a few months, including yours truly.

Another element that still leads me to tell you that beware, not everything is rosy in the land of the Z Fold: it is not always easy to type with this phone. Indeed, we are offered the choice between a screen that is too narrow where the fingers always type next to it or a screen that is too large where the fingers are always extended. In the past, it was said that you have to suffer to be handsome or beautiful, we will say here that it is the price to pay to be ahead of your time. A very small price if you ask us.

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