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If your phone takes too long to charge the battery, you may experience behavior with your smartphone that affects its performance and reduces its ability to charge quickly. Use these tips to remedy this problem.

By changing your habits, you can charge your phone three times faster and more efficiently. You won’t have to wait long for your phone to charge optimally.

A smartphone

A smartphone. Source: spm

Does your phone take too long to charge? Check out these tips to get there faster and save time in your daily life.

Do not use your smartphone while charging

A charging smartphone

A charging smartphone. Source: spm

To ensure that your smartphone charges quickly, it is best not to use it while it is plugged in. Wait for it to finish recharging to use your smartphone as usual. It will recharge faster.

  • Close apps and connections on your smartphone

A charging smartphone1

A charging smartphone. Source: spm

In order for your smartphone to be recharged more quickly, you must close all the applications that are open on your device as well as all connections such as Bluetooth, wifi, 4G so as not to solicit your mobile phone. All of these features can cause overconsumption of energy and increase the charging time of your smartphone.

  • Put your smartphone in airplane mode

To optimize the charging time of your smartphone, you can put it in airplane mode. All power-hungry features of your device will be disabled and it can be charged faster. For optimal and fast recharging, you can also turn off your smartphone, which will force you not to use it.

  • Use the right charger for your smartphone

In order for your smartphone to charge quickly and efficiently, use a charger suitable for your device, provided by the manufacturer at the time of your purchase. For iOS phones, choose chargers with MFI certification that are compatible with the brand’s devices. For Android smartphones, use universal USB-C to USB-C type cables from recognized brands such as Belkin or Huawei.

  • Don’t wait until the last moment to charge your smartphone

For a fast charge of your smartphone, do not wait until its battery is close to 0. The new smartphone batteries make it possible to charge the smartphone without problems with a battery at 20% or more. You should avoid leaving battery discharge below 20% and charging above 80%. It is therefore necessary to remember to connect your smartphone as soon as the battery is reduced so as not to damage its performance and that your device recharges more quickly.

You now know some tricks to charge your smartphone very quickly. They will save you time while optimizing the performance of your device’s battery.

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