Moon Dancer takes off on Nintendo Switch, and with gameplay

Moon Dancer

Although we are used to the so-called automatic screen scrolling space shooters, or lifelong shooters, being in lateral perspective from left to right, the truth is that in their origins they were rather in aerial perspective. Thanks to indie games we have the opportunity to nostalgically relive past decades of video games like the eighties and nineties, where shoot ’em up or shmups were in abundance, with their colorful pixelated graphics and storylines that focused almost exclusively on one daring, lone ship taking on an entire alien invasion. Following that pattern a bit, Moon Dancer has landed in the hybrid console eShop on September 29thinviting us to relive that past era.

To celebrate that landing, the following gameplay has been shown, focused on showing the tutorial, the first two levels of the arcade mode and a bit of the “caravan” mode or survival by time, which you can take a look at below:

Gameplay Moon Dancer (Nintendo Switch)

Moon Dancer is a vertically scrolling shmup with exhilarating lock-on lasers. Drive the “Moon Dancer” fighter equipped with shots and lock-on lasers to defeat the enemy. This game requires you to quickly defeat enemies that appear one after another. The characteristic of this game is the balance that prioritizes attacking the enemy instead of avoiding bullets.

The Nintendo Switch version? features enhanced graphics by Tenmaru. Includes “Arcade Mode” and “Caravan Mode”. Arcade mode consists of 8 stages. You can choose between 3 levels of difficulty. If you pass all the stages, the mission will be completed. Caravan mode is a challenge limited to 3 minutes to get a high score. In all modes, local ranking and online ranking are supported.

Two types of music are included: the original HIROKKEY version and the version with chiptune arrangements that uses Taku Shiiba’s NES sound source. The music can be changed in the options menu.


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