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Steve Burke of the channel YouTube GamersNexus conducted an experiment on a brand new video card Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090: It has cut in two to study the design from a thermal point of view.

Before you get outraged, know that he did it together with an Nvidia engineer, Malcolm Gutenburg, who takes care of this aspect of the company’s video cards, that is, helps to design them so that they dissipate heat better and are more efficient.

Of course, seeing such an expensive video card split in two can hurt your heart, so we advise against viewing it for the most sensitive, even if not everything is as it seems.

Joking aside, the video shows Burke and Gutenberg examining the different design taken into consideration for the Founders Edition of the GeForce RTX 4090 and provide some really interesting technical indications, which motivate the generous dimensions of the video card. It should be specified that the abused video cards are only prototypes, so nothing intended for sale.

Also interesting is the section of the video in which we talk about the different experiments made by Nvidia to obtain the fastest video card on the market, going as far as to detail every step taken by the company. In short, despite the premises, it is a really interesting movie.

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