Planet of Lana se deja ver en hermoso video de 18 minutos de gameplay

Planet of Lana is seen in a beautiful 18-minute gameplay video

Xbox Game Pass is doing very well, supporting indie games, it is not highly valued by some fans of the gamer scene, but over time that thought has changed little by little, due to the fact that great indie works have arrived and microsoft has offered a place for many of them, introducing us to new experiences that enrich its extensive catalogue.

One of those titles is Planet of Lana, which will make the leap to the service of Xbox day one, during the spring of 2023, with a beautiful and colorful world that we can explore in the form of a platform game, which dazzles us with its design as we enter our journey and explore the planet.

Beautiful 18-minute video lets us tour the world of Planet of Lana

Although it seems very visual and with an artistic design with pastel colors, it evokes a bit of tranquility, since we observe a kind of forest with a blue sky that surrounds our background and a lot of vegetation, although we cannot deceive ourselves, because despite its apparent Calm down, there may be some tension when the robots appear to lie in wait for us on our way.

The protagonist is Lana, only eleven years old, who is on this planet accompanied by mui and they must go through the places that await them ahead, dodging the enemies that we will find. The wind, the leaves moving, the sound of the water as it travels through the stones, makes the planet feel very organic, but it also feels intriguing when the protagonist meets a robot, albeit through a certain ingenuity he manages to get rid of him. Many puzzles and a planet to explore await us in this beautiful game.

Planet of Lana is seen in a beautiful 18-minute gameplay video - Through an 18-minute video, we can see the nuances of the Planet of Lana game, which will arrive in spring 2023

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