PREVIEW Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion: yes, it's more beautiful

In 2007, PSP gamers were able to experience a spin off at Final Fantasy VIIthe famous CrisisCore. Square-Enix made the decision to bring this production out on our current machines, modifying certain aspects. We were able to try for a few minutes this future port called “Reunion”, let’s take stock briefly.

We were able to get our hands on the Switch edition and it must be said that the rendering is super clean on a TV ; we don’t have to worry about the other versions just yet. The image is crisp, clean and pleasing to the eye. The modeling of several characters has been changed, our heroes have a more modern look, it’s superb. In addition, the textures of the environments have also been changed and it must be said that the result is more than pleasant. In short, very good work has been done overall, even if some animations have aged badly.

With its more flashy rendering, this Reunion version has something to please at first glance.

The grip hasn’t moved an inch and is still just as dynamic. Random roulette, allowing you to have some advantages during a confrontation, always hangs around; shame not to have it corrected. The camera is a little more flexible, but to put it simply, the gameplay is the same.

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a production that charmed and made people talk because of its gameplay risky when it appeared on our shelves. The players therefore asked themselves this question: remaster Does it Modify Roulette? The answer is now clear: no. However, with its flashier rendering, this version Meeting has something to please at first sight. We are curious to discover the other facets and novelties of this adaptation scheduled for December 13th.

You can pre-order Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion on Amazon for €59.99.

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