radiators bodybuilders but really necessary?

This is the rumor currently circulating on the web: “And if finally the imposing radiators that equip the next RTX 4090 were not necessary? “. According to several sources including IgorsLab, when NVIDIA sent the specifications to its partners for the generation of the RTX 4000, it reported a cooling system capable of dissipating 600 watts. These specifications are often sent very early in order to give the partners time to design their cooling system.

But then, what has changed? Initially, NVIDIA was still thinking of using Samsung’s 8 nm silicon as on Ampere graphics cards. But in the end, it’s the 4 nm from TSMC which was retained. The consequences for NVIDIA were very positive since they were thus able to readjust the specifications of the TBP from 600 to 450 watts. The RTX 4090 Founders Edition heatsink is already a Model 3 slots but most partners will offer even thicker cooling systems.

The good news should be in terms of temperatures, which should be quite cool thanks to these radiators on the oversized RTX 4090s, but also allow even higher frequencies to be reached as standard. A few more days of patience to find out more, but on our side, with our MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X, we risk nothing!

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