Season 2 will introduce a new tank, it will be "an old acquaintance" -

The roster of playable heroes of Overwatch 2 will be expanded steadily over the months. The next character will come in conjunction with the Season 2but in the meantime the game director Aaron Keller has piqued the curiosity of the fans, revealing the first details.

In a live broadcast dedicated to the Overwatch League, Keller revealed that the next Overwatch 2 hero will be a tank and that it will be “an old acquaintance” for longtime fans for longtime fans who closely follow the stories of the characters and the lore of the shooter universe. “Season 2 will feature a new hero debut,” Keller said at 1:46:20 of the video below. “He is a tank and someone that players have seen before.”

The hero in question will also be tied to one new map which will also be released during Season 2 of Overwatch 2 and in doing so he used the personal pronoun “he” (“he”) thus suggesting that it will be a male character.

Who is it about? Difficult to say, given that the Overwatch universe is really huge and among characters that have appeared in the comics and mentioned in lines of dialogue there is really spoiled for choice, but among the possible candidates the fans have identified Mauga, a massive Talon soldier and former friend of Baptiste. We will see.

Meanwhile, a few hours ago Blizzard released the Kiriko animated short.

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