Square Enix warns Final Fantasy fans to change their password

Recently Square Enix has warned its users to be aware of their accounts, as players from final fantasy XIV They haven’t updated their login credentials in a while, but should consider doing so soon following a hack attempt targeting Square Enix’s account management system.

This was how the video game developer warned this week by saying that he noticed that he was “experiencing an attack” in which someone was trying to gain access to user accounts through login information obtained elsewhere, so while this trend continues, Square Enix said it could make each user have to reset their password .

Now, based on what Square Enix described in a post on the Final Fantasy 14 Lodestone site, this was not a hacking attempt where someone was trying to get passwords and emails from Square Enix’s own account management system, but one where people tried to gain access to accounts using login credentials they had obtained from other sites.

That is, almost any website you create an account on will warn you not to use the same email and password combination you’ve used elsewhere so that exactly this sort of thing doesn’t happen, so as such, Square Enix would love for you to reset your password in light of this attack if you’re using the same one elsewhere.

So what is Square Enix doing for accounts that might have been affected by this?… The publisher said that “is currently mitigating the effect of the attack by restricting access to accounts that we believe may have been compromised by unauthorized users”which means you could receive an email asking you to reset your password if someone tries to gain access to your account.

For this to continue, a more extensive password reset may be initiated: “If we continue to experience an increasing number of unauthorized access attempts, a password reset may be initiated for all Square Enix accounts”Square Enix said to close. “We would like to remind all users to keep in mind the security of their account to protect personal information and data”.

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