Steam Neo Fest: 10 atypical video games to discover for free this weekend

Game News Steam Neo Fest: 10 atypical video games to discover for free this weekend

This week is the Steam Neo Fest. For seven days, hundreds of game demos are made available for free to all players on Valve’s platform. And the least we can say is that in the lot we find very atypical games.

The Steam Neo Fest kicked off last Monday. For those who don’t know this rather special festival, know that it is an initiative by Valve to discover hundreds of game demos to come on Steam. Suffice to say that now is the perfect time to go looking for your next independent nuggets, but also to be curious and try out atypical or WTF experiences. After all, it’s free! The risks are therefore lower and you may well be pleasantly surprised. But as we said, there are hundreds of demos available. What’s more, the event ends tomorrow at 7 p.m. So we’re going to try to chew the work for you by offering you 10 atypical games to discover this weekend, for better or for worse.


  • 10 WTF games from the Steam Neo Fest
    • Dredge
    • Flat Eye
    • Friends VS Friends
    • Mars First Logistics
    • Psychoma
    • Rhythm Sprout
    • Slay the Princess
    • Stick it to the Stickman
    • The Bunny Graveyard
    • The Eternal Cylinder

10 WTF games from the Steam Neo Fest


Dredge is a rather special fishing game. If in the genre, we rather find ultra realistic titles such as The Fisherman. But if Team17 gave Black Salt Games a chance, it’s because it’s one of the most atypical. Its very refined graphics break with the more realistic ones of fishing games. In this universe which may seem simplistic, a darkness emerges due to the tones and character design of the characters, directly reminiscent of Disco Elysium. If the demo barely insinuates it, we feel that the title is full of secrets to discover. But to be able to find them, you’ll have to sell a good slew of fish in order to improve your boat and your rod and venture even further. Another approach to fishing games worth checking out.

Flat Eye

Already, the idea of ​​developing a gas station management game is quite incongruous. But infusing it with a heavy dose of storytelling, even emphasizing it, is a pretty unlikely choice. To the latter is added an atypical and refined artistic direction. Everything is signed Monkey Moon and Raw Fury and offers an interesting alternative to this very often exploited genre. Surprisingly, the fate of the world seems to be playing out in this rather special service station. It must be said that there are very special machines such as an organ distributor, an artificial uterus or a cloning booth. The main issue? Shows how technologies have and can still impact our lives, for good or bad.

Friends VS Friends

Perhaps you have seen the indie phenomenon Neon White pass by. The game offered a fairly innovative concept, namely mix an FPS with a card game. If you’ve tasted it, you won’t be so surprised by the principle of Friends vs Friends. But add to that a colorful artistic direction and above all a gameplay based on PvP and you get a game that is still quite atypical. Unlike Neon White, Friends VS Friends is not a story-driven game. The idea is in the title: make friends compete against each other, whether via duels or 2v2 fights. If you feel like giving it a try, check out the demo this weekend.

Mars First Logistics

It is not uncommon to see games where Mars is colonized. But what happens once the new planet is inhabited? How do you get a package delivered, for example? Have you ever asked yourself the question? No big deal, Mars First Logistics has it covered for you. Indeed, in this space simulation game you drive mechanized rovers in order to deliver orders on the surface of the planet. But your machine will have to evolve according to the cargoes to be transported. You will therefore have to unlock components and improve your rover accordingly. On the artistic direction side, we find very refined visuals at La Sable. And that’s how we get an atypical game to test in part during the Steam Neo Fest.


The word atypical is weak when it comes to talking about Psychroma. When the game was shown at Summer Game Fest, it was already giving color. Cryptic, psychedelic and horrifying, the title is one of those experiences capable of blowing up your brain as what is happening on the screen seems to come from another dimension. But then, what is Psychroma? This is a very colorful point’n’click that invites you to investigate a rather special connected house and the ghosts that inhabit it. Sometimes gore, Psychroma is not to be put in all hands and it risks leaving a good part of the players on the floor due to its cryptic side. But the proposal is so atypical that it was impossible not to talk about it here.

Rhythm Sprout

You couldn’t miss Trombone Champ. The haphazard-sounding rhythm game has toured Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. Even Panthaa and Tiraxa tried it during a Refund or Not which you can find here. And when you see Rhythm Sprout, it’s hard not to think of the title of Holy Wow. With its wacky universe and its genre (rhythm game) surfs directly on the wave launched by Trombone Champ. On the other hand, don’t expect to laugh at strange noises. Rhythm Sprout remains a very different game. Something to test your reflexes while discovering a completely barren leguminous world that opens its doors to you during this Steam Neo Fest.

Slay the Princess

In video games, we have long found the cliché of the hero who saves the princess in distress. Mario, Zelda… There are many classics that are based on this simple principle and reused at will. So the developers at Black Tabby Games decided to take this idea upside down. In Slay the Princess (quite an evocative title), your goal is not to rescue the princess, but to kill her. If you don’t, it will be the end of the world. And if on paper this task may seem simple, in reality it is quite the opposite. The princess is vile and suspicious. In this dark visual novel, you will have to make the right choices to kill her without her having the opportunity to retaliate. This gives a rather atypical concept to discover with the Steam Neo Fest.

Stick it to the Stickman

Games with dubious gravity have been able to show themselves to be surprisingly effective in recent years. It is therefore not surprising to see Stick to the Stickman offers us a stickman with a staggering gait. But contrary to what one might think, the title is not a 3D platformer à la Human Falls Flat. In Stick to the Stickman, the goal is to beat your colleagues to death who want to fire you. Given the basic pitch, you will certainly have understood that the game of Free Lives and Devolver Digital offers you a biting humor and an omnipresent sarcasm. Everything is carried by a simple and yet quite unusual artistic direction which also brings to the atypical cachet of Stick it to the Stickman.

The Bunny Graveyard

Is there a cuter animal than a rabbit? If you answered no to this question, The Bunny Graveyard may be able to change your mind. Beneath its cute looks, the title of Pichon Games hides its game very well. It’s simple, it’s impossible to trust appearances with this game. The demo also misleads us from the start, offering gameplay and a totally different atmosphere from the rest of the game. It’s not a game to put in all hands, unless you want to traumatize your little child who loves rabbits. The Bunny Graveyard is actually a very dark and disturbing horror game. Everything takes the form of a frightening adventure filled with puzzles of all kinds. The goal ? Face your fear of the dark to search for your missing brother through Carrot Town. See you by the end of the year if you want to find out what’s next.

The Eternal Cylinder

In video games, we are used to embodying humans or animals, ranging from the adventurous cat in Stray to the satanic lamb in Cult of the Lamb. But it is rare to immerse yourself in the skin of an unknown and deformed creature. Spore did that in its day, and The Eternal Cylinder does the same kind of weird, flabby corniness. The title takes us to an unknown world where a huge stone cylinder rolls constantly on the surface, crushing everything in its path. Your goal is of course to avoid it and survive. But to do this, we will have to evolve. Indeed to move forward and reach certain areas it is sometimes necessary to have an additional leg or more strength. Thus, you will follow the evolution of your little beast while fleeing the threat that is eyeing you. The bizarre creature you control is enough to qualify the title and its demo as atypical.

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