survive without legs, without an arm and surrounded by monsters from the underworld

At a time when survival horror is moving further and further away from the very concept from which they start, there are those who want to return to that origin. The influx of resources, well managed, makes games much easier. Endoparasitic It comes to make things really difficult for us.

And it is that you cannot deny the title of Narayan Walters that starts from a simple premise. We are a body that is missing legs, an arm, and has been infected with a deadly parasite. Under these conditions we will have to survive through the corridors of a scientific base in a meteorite.

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The worst thing will not be being able to drag ourselves another meter, but doing it safely. Mutant monsters lurk around every corner to make it difficult for us, so every resource is gold. Each action that we carry out will have to be carried out manually, so only the mouse will be enough for all the movements. A “survival horror tactical“, as defined by the game.

Firearms reload one bullet at a time, we will find stealth sections, puzzles, battles against monsters and a story to reveal. If you want to try it, Endoparasitic It is scheduled to launch on Steam on October 24.

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