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It’s only a little over a month before it goes on sale. Tactics Ogre: Rebornthe spectacular return of this tactical role-playing saga will return to consoles with a new visual section and great playable improvements.

For those who do not know this saga from the parents of final-fantasy, we have a lot of things to tell you about himand because it is such an important piece in a month that is loaded with important releases -such as Pokemon Scarlet/Purple either god of war ragnarok-.

If you are lovers of this genre, and you still have doubts, come closer, Well, let’s talk about one of the greats of his class.and from now on we anticipate that it is full of news.

The resurgence of the resurgence

For those who have never played this saga, just tell you that we are facing the remastering of the remake of the first installment of this franchisewhich has received important playable and graphical improvements, perhaps one of the most important being the inclusion of texts in Spanish for the first time in the history of this saga.

Team restrictions will still be present

In the original installment, you couldn’t use certain pieces of gear due to restrictions that didn’t allow you to equip them until you got past them, the most obvious being a low level.

In Tactics Ogre: Reborn, you can equip and use anything as soon as you find it. However, there are still certain class restrictions for equipment and magic. For example, a knight can’t equip a bow, a cleric can’t equip attack spells, and so on.

Each unit has seven gear slots for weapons and armor, four slots for consumables and four slots for magic. Deciding what combination of gear and skills to bring into battle is more satisfying and fun than ever!

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

Skill rules have been revamped

As units gain levels, they gain special abilities or “abilities” that they can use, giving each class its own distinct play style in battle. As with consumables and magic, each unit can equip up to four abilities, so you’ll need to think about the specific mix of abilities you want to bring into battle.

Regarding this version, of course there are new skills and magic that pose different strategies for each fight.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

Finishing moves, ninjutsu, and war dances have been updated!

Units can learn powerful finishing moves by meeting certain requirements. In Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, finishing moves, ninjutsu, and war dances required the accumulation and use of Technical Points (TP), and sometimes certain reagents as well.

Now all of these skills simply require Magic Points (MP), just like magic. With these unified abilities to use MP, it is much simpler to assess the status of units during battle and easier to build a strategy.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

There will also be new objects, the Amulets are presented

Amulets are new items introduced to give you more control over the stat development of your units. You can use charms on the grouping screen to upgrade and alter your units. Amulets can be found during battle and after battle as rewards. Don’t forget to equip them to give you unique upgradessuch as gaining a level, gaining more experience in battle, or the permanent increase of some skill or parameter.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

New Battlegroup Screen Features

The battle group screen, used to select and prepare units before sending them into battle, It has also gained new features that make assembling your battlegroup easier than ever..

When selecting Scout on the battlegroup screen, can get information about terrain and enemy forces (location, level, class, team, etc.). Since you can change the classes and equipment of your units on the battlegroup screen, you can use the information gained to put together the best possible group.

By having a variety of battlegroups prepared for various situationssuch as the number of enemy units or the composition of the enemy class, you can quickly select the optimal group based on the information obtained by scouting before the battle.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

Seven Major Battle-Related Updates

  1. Turn the tables with buff cards

During battle, items called buff cards appear on the battlefield. When a unit picks up a buff card, they gain bonuses that last for the rest of the battle, such as increased attack power or a critical chance. The bonus obtained depends on the type of card found.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

2. New improved enemy AI adapts to every situation

The enemy considers the terrain, recognizing features such as narrow paths and wide, open plains, as well as the player’s movement, using this information to decide where the battlefront is and choose the best point to engage the player. Additionally, the way the enemy responds to randomly appearing buff cards creates an ever-changing battle that never feels repetitive.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

3. Get extra rewards for completing bonus objectives!

In addition to the normal battle victory conditions, each battle also has a new bonus objective. Players will be presented with an objective such as “win with a knight in the battle party” or “get a buff card”, and if they complete the objective, they will receive items such as charms and equipment to strengthen their forces. Take on this additional challenge if you feel like putting your skills to the test!

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

4. Not just the enemy – your units have improved AI too!

If you want to let the AI ​​control your units, you have four different AI builds to choose from: Fierce Attacker, Stalwart Defender, Distant Striker, and Ardent Mender. You can also quickly toggle between manual control and AI control for all of your units at once from the battlegroup screen or during battle!

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

5. Trajectory prediction eliminates costly errors!

When firing weapons like bows and crossbows, or casting spells that launch a projectile, you can display trajectory prediction to make sure the attacker can hit the target without missing their own troops.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

6. Reactivation of disabled units

When enemy attacks reduce a unit’s HP to zero, it becomes “Incapacitated”. A countdown is displayed on the Incapacitated unit, and the unit can be revived with consumables or magic before the countdown reaches 0. Revived units can act immediately after being raised, allowing them to move, recover HP, or Take other steps to regain your footing.

On the other hand, the units that are not resurrected and if the counter reaches 0, they will be dead for life and cannot be used again.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

7. Level up your units with training battles!

Random encounters that occurred when moving around the world map have been removed. Instead, you can now participate in training battles at specific locations whenever you want. Units cannot be killed in training battles, which makes the training process much easier.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

The level of your group also matters

Group level is the level of your army as a whole, which serves as the level cap for individual units. Party level cap gradually increases as players progress through the story, preventing players from moving to arbitrarily high levels to brute force their way through battles. The introduction of the group level makes the use of each unit more important, better emphasizing the tactical nature of the game.

Since the party level is set slightly higher than the level of the enemy units, it should no longer feel like the difficulty jumps sharply after leveling up. Players can easily level up their units through training battles and charms, so even first-time players should find the game accessible.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

Crafting has gone to the safest

Crafting items and gear now succeed 100% of the time we craft them, eliminating wasted ingredients and the need to redo failed attempts. Also, a convenient feature to create multiple items at once has been added.

These are just some of the playable improvements, the changes it has received compared to the previous one, as you will see the game experience has changed greatly, and our return to Tactics Ogre: Reborn will be, if nothing prevents it, on November 8.

Preview Tactics Ogre Reborn

It will be available for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC, with texts in Spanish for the first time in the saga.

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