The Alfa Romeo 33 comes back to life: look at the show (PHOTO)

A concept car inspired by a historic model, produced in a few examples, by Alfa Romeo was presented to the public.

Alfa Romeo it is in a truly period of restructuring and important news. While waiting to understand what its future will be in the world of racing (F1), the Milanese manufacturer has undertaken a profound turning point in the production field, which should lead to having a much larger number of cars on the road in a few years decades in which very few models have been put on the market. The latest addition, the Tonale, has already been very successful, but in the meantime we are thinking of the next SUV, smaller than this one and which previously had the name of Brenner. However, there are those who hypothesize for the next seasons also a sensational return like that of Mythwhich would relaunch the brand in a segment that has so far remained uncovered.

Alfa Romeo (AdobeStock)
Alfa Romeo (AdobeStock)

On the other hand, however, there are those who have decided to pay homage to Alfa Romeo’s past in a special way. We know how much the restomod is fashionable today, a term that derives from the contraction of the term restore with modern, that is, a classic car that is restored with the implementation of modern parts and technologies. But in this case we are in the presence of a totally new car, but which is inspired in the lines by one of the past. And to have thought it is there Turin Automobile Manufactoryacronym MAT, an Italian company, active in the automotive bodywork sector, founded in Turin in 2014 by Paolo Garella, after his departure from Pininfarina.

MAT, the homage to the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

This company has come up with a new ultra-limited range called Jewelry and as the first model of this new family it has decided to pay homage to a real “jewel” of the past. MAT is mainly known for its New Stratos Series, based on a shortened Ferrari 430 Scuderia chassis, but which made it possible to recreate a rally legend of the 70s in a modern key. But it wasn’t the only model produced by the company, which also created it from scratch Glickenhaus SCG003has done extensive development work on the electric supercar Aspark Owl and, as yet unconfirmed sources, could produce the racing car Jannarelly Design-1.

The latest model created is inspired byAlfa Romeo 33 Stradale from 1967, but with a personality all its own and even more retro. The car was created using the original sketches of Franco Scaglione after an in-depth analysis of Alfa Romeo data on the iconic 33 Stradale chassis. However, every aspect of the car has been optimized using modern technologies, resulting in a special frame made of handcrafted aluminum panels that have been assembled using the traditional methods of the body builders. The heart of this car is a 2.6-liter DOHC V8derived from the Alfa Romeo Montreal engine and replacing the original 2.0 V8.

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Of the 18 chassis of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale it seems that only 12 were actually finished and only 11 sold to customers while the last 6 were entrusted to the best Italian coachbuilders who in turn created a series of concept cars. Pininfarina built the Roadster in 1968, the Coupé Prototipo Speciale in 1969 and the Cuneo in 1971. There Bertone built Carabo in 1968 and Navajo in 1976, while the Italdesign he created the Iguana in 1969. All now on display at the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Arese. It is unclear how much these Alfa Romeo recreations will cost, but in all likelihood they will be very expensive.

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