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Where would you go? Do you dare to get a license to drive it? No, it’s not Back to the Future. It is the present. A startup, which has the backing of this great aircraft manufacturer, has just unveiled a prototype of a fully autonomous flying taxi. The sixth generation of a winged multicopter-type apparatus. How about?

The new prototype is practically definitive, consisting of a cabin that offers enough space for transporting four passengers and a cargo volume that has not been pointed out, a significant improvement compared to previous generations that only had a cabin for two passengers.

The interior has been designed so that, despite having the corresponding landing skids, it has a platform for loading and unloading people with reduced mobility without big problems.

It will be able to reach a maximum flight altitude of up to 1,200 meters, being able to carry out autonomous but supervised flights human, thanks to powerful air navigation software that it houses, with sensors capable of recognizing the most complicated situations and carrying out manoeuvres.

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