the unequal combat of the Always On Screen

Know, first hand, the differences between both functionalities, in a personal experience.

Apple against Samsung: the unequal combat of the Always On Screen

exist functionalities on mobile devices that are unique in some companies, it occurs to us right now to point out, for example, the famous Apple Dynamic Island. However, the Cupertino company usually accustoms us to presenting features of its software that were already being used by the competition and that, to put it mildly, ended up arriving badly and late. The Always On Screen is a clear example of it.

An unequal confrontation, in which Apple has to lose

Those who do not wear a watch on their wrist, whether smart or analog, usually trust the consultation of the hourthe date or his own climate to its mobile phone. It is not a revolution, but having the look at this information without touching the device in question is something that is very interesting in computers that have the so-called Always On Screen. In this article, the writer wants to tell you his personal experiencehaving been a user of a Samsung GalaxyNote8.

Apple: smart design with little smart use

Regarding the technology that Apple has implemented in its new iPhone 14 Pro, of which we have already told you at length in the corresponding article, yes something stands out and is striking is to check that you can activate a function why the terminal screen never turns off. The theory it is interestingalthough the practice not so much.

We already told you before, in this case our colleague RubĂ©n from the Urban Tecno YouTube channel, who technical levelwhat Apple has achieved is Worthy of praisebut according to tests we have done, this feature consumes so much battery that It’s not advisable for those users who squeeze their phone every day.

The minimum brightness it is too tall on some occasions, which causes the Always On Screen to have excessively excessive consumption peaks. We are talking about comparing it to the iPhone 13 Pro, in a year of use and with the battery at 95% of its useful life, the iPhone 14 Pro can have one minor autonomy up to an hour and a half less. If usually with last year’s device our partner arrived at eleven at night with a 20-25% battery, using the new terminal The percentage can go down 10%.

Samsung: the experience and good work that the years give

Samsung has been offering the Always On Screen on its devices for years

Samsung has been offering the Always On Screen on its devices for years

In the case of south korean companywe use this example since it is the terminal that I used previously and that I have been able to use for some years, the management of the Always On Screen is diametrically opposite. As you can see in the image above, this screen can be configured so that it gives the impression of being off, except for the detail that the user wants to show, be it the time, date, battery or some other drawing.

Obviously, the battery consumption it will change using the Always On Screen or deactivating it, but the differences are minimal, at least in the configuration that I show you with my terminal. Keeping this functionality active, the autonomy difference is situated around the 23%what translated in time will be perhaps around 15 minutes of use. There will always be a higher energy expenditure with these functions, but Samsung he has optimized performance of the function outstandingly.

Samsung Always On Display customization options make it much more interesting

Samsung Always On Display customization options make it much more interesting

As for the usethis is another one big differencessince on the iPhone you can only activate or deactivate the function, while on the Note8, as I show you in the image above, it can be configured. You can not only to choose what screen type active you want, but you can download new themessome free and others paid, and configure this functionality as you wish.

What abstractit is evident that Manzana You still have a lot of work to do on your Always On Display, but you wouldn’t go wrong looking at other companieswith years of experience behind them, and listening to user opinion that they have used this function in other phones and that they have not deactivated it because it is incompatible with normal use of the device. Apple will improve, but currently is in the caboose of active screens.

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