These 9 PS4 games on sale, between 2 and 7 euros, are quite good and more so with these sales

These 9 PS4 games on sale, between 2 and 7 euros, are quite good and more so with these sales

If you don’t know what to play this weekend, and even the free games available this weekend don’t appeal to you, these PS4 offers between 2 and 7 euros They will cheer you up in the afternoon.

Is about 9 PS4 games on sale that are pretty good and they can also be played on consoles PS5which is an incentive for many who have already got rid of their PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim.

And there is something for all tastes, from PS4 triple A games at ridiculous prices, to little indie gems with devilish gameplay. And now they are more attractive because of the significant discounts they have.

Because, we insist, the cheapest PS4 game on this list of offers costs 1.99 eurospractically the cost of a coffee… and it will last much longer than the time it takes to drink it.


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And as always, we have tried to ensure that in the selection there is genres for all tastes, from the craziest open world adventures to puzzles, shooters, action, driving, roguelite…

Willing to discover these 9 PS4 games on offer between 1.99 and 7 euros? Well, let’s start with a title based on one already legendary comic series with undead.

9 good PS4 games on sale for less than 7 euros

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Bridge Builder The Walking Dead

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead combines the system of building bridges in the best possible way with a realistic physics system, together with the the walking dead universe, in which you must ensure the passage of the survivors helping you with decoys, explosives and other objects that kill the walkers.

Build bridges and other buildings, team up with characters like Daryl, Michonne and Eugene as you lead walkers into deadly traps in one of the 9 PS4 games on sale between €2 and €7, now that it has an 80% discount and stays at € 1.99 in the PS Store.

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Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

Saints Row IV Re-Elected

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is the facelift of Saints Row IV, the craziest installment of the well-known saga with all the DLCs included, and which on its own merits is one of the best PS4 deals for less than 3 euros.

In this open world there are tons of hours of content where you can unleash as much chaos as possible while completing all kinds of assignments, raiding, driving and developing extraordinary powers. Its 85% offer leaves it at €2.99 on the PS Store, although for a little more, €4.49 you can take it along with the Gat Out of Hell expansion.

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

duke nukem 3d anniversary world tour

Duke Nukem 3D with his 20th Anniversary World Tour It’s the perfect opportunity to kill like it was in 1996. Join the greatest action hero on this 20th anniversary world tour as he once again saves Earth, pummels aliens and saves to quisqui with new content, thanks that is one of the PS4 deals 80% off.

This version has the four classic episodes of Duke Nukem 3D, with new content and a fifth chapter created by the designers of the original game. And now you can get it for €3.99 on the PS Store. What better way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the saga? “Come get some.”

EA Family Pack

EA Family Pack

The EA Family Pack includes Criterion’s Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and Unravel proving that PS4 packages with several games on offer for 3.99 euros They are one of the best bargains you can find.

Here they join the driving of Need For Speed, the famous Plants vs. Zombies turned into a third-person shooter and a 2D cooperative platform in a single pack for €3.99 on the PS Store thanks to its 90% discount.

Need for Speed ​​Heat Deluxe Edition

Need for Speed ​​Heat

Need for Speed ​​Heat with his Deluxe Edition is another of the most interesting PS4 offers between 1.99 and 7 eurosthe Ghost Games game had a different bet for almost three years and it went down well with the fans as it returned to the classic roots and added realism to the cars.

This edition has the KS Edition starter car, a ps4 exclusive design, 3 unlocked KS Edition cars, 4 character sets, and a REP and bankroll booster. All for its 95% offer and its price of €3.99 in the PS Store.

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Fallout 4


Fallout 4 at 60fps – Xbox Series S Comparison

Fallout 4 is not like war and it did change from Fallout 3, it came back like open world ARPG and post-nuclear setting developed by Bethesda. Whether in first or third person, Bethesda Game Studios The world launched this great game, winner of more than 50 GOTY awards.

As the only survivor of Vault 111 in a world destroyed by nuclear war, only you can rebuild and decide the future. Now for €4.99 in the PS Store thanks to its 75% discount, it deserves to enter the list of very good PS4 games on sale.

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crown trick

crown trick

crown trick is a somewhat strange roguelike and different from the rest, a role playing adventure with beautiful animations characterized by turn-based combat and a very attractive interactive strategy that makes it worthy of being among this selection with 9 very cheap PS4 games on offer.

Enter a changing labyrinth where mastering the elements is key and along the way you must discover the mysteries of an underground world, all at an offer of 70% and for € 5.99 on the PS Store.

Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary is a fusion between metroidvania and monster training game. Get your team, train them and fight with them in a pixelated world with side perspective and turn-based combat.

The quest begins by choosing a spectral familiar, who will guide you on your adventure in Sanctuary and accompany you until you have caught the first 101 creatures. For €6.99 on the PS Store, thanks to its 65% offer, they can be fought in 3v3 fights in their world.



Pyre may sound more or less, but it is one of the works of Supergiant Games (Bastion, Transistor and the most recent Hades). With RPG touches and a sports game design, it could not be missing in our round of sale games for ps4.

In this title we have a team RPG with a key gameplay of the studio in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom, participating in an ancient competition. All this on sale for € 5.99 in the PS Store for its 70% discount.

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And with this and a cake, we come to the end of our round with the ps4 games with best discounts (and playable on PS5), among which there is quite a variety to choose from.

They’re pretty good games overall, but is its price, between 1.99 and 7 euros those who end up convincing even the most reluctant. Have they convinced you?

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