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These would be the four key features that the new Apple TV could have that would bet on an improved cost structure to be cheaper in its final price.

One way to make our televisions much more intelligent is to buy a device such as Amazon’s Fire stick or Google’s Chromecast, dongles that we can easily connect to our televisions to increase each of its features.

And when we talk about other similar devices, the Apple TV from Cupertino also comes to mind, another way of renewing our televisions without having to buy one, but in this case having to pay a price superior to the previously mentioned devices, and with practically the same characteristics.

And the imminent launch of a AppleTV cheap, in a device from Cupertino that would be ready for this very Christmas, and that would basically try to compete in price with the aforementioned Amazon Fire stick and Google’s Chromecast.

Now as they point out from Macrumors, taking into account the latest statements by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, these would be the four new features that this so-called cheap Apple TV would have.

Main novelties of the new Apple TV

On the one hand, the analyst points out that this new Apple device would have a faster processorspecifically with an A14 Bionic chip found for example in the iPhone 12 models, resulting in faster performance in applications and games compared to the current Apple TV 4K.

Another feature that has been rumored is more RAMsomething quite logical in view of the fact that every time the devices offer a greater amount of it, and that it could increase to 4 GB of RAM compared to the current 3 GB of RAM.

Another novelty would come in the new version of Siri Remote for AppleTV. It’s unclear what new features this updated remote would include but many are hoping for the integration of the U1 chip for Find My support.

And finally another feature that has been rumored is your lowest priceAnd it is that this new Apple TV would have an improved cost structure, which would result in a lower price for customers.

Be that as it may, it is quite likely that Manzana announce this new model of the Apple TV in a press release in the coming weeks, so that the device has time to hit most stores for the holiday season.

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