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Google has introduced the Google Pixel Watchthe company’s first ‘smartwatch’, which is made with a domed dial, allows the exchange of straps thanks to a magnetic system and functions aimed at health and sports.

The company has unveiled some of the features of this accessory at an event held under its ‘Made by Google’ brand, where it has also announced the launch of the new series of Pixel 7 smartphones and it has been remembered again that it will be in 2023 when your tablet arrives.

The American manufacturer advanced the appearance of Google Pixel Watch a few days ago, when it was found that this smart watch had a round dial, with a design that the company itself described as “vaulted”.

It has a color crown and screen and comes in three finishes, black, gold and silver. It can be customized with different straps, which adhere to the dial using a magnetic system. You can use a classic strap, with materials such as metal or leather, or choose a plastic one.

There are hundreds of ways to combine it “to make it a unique watch”, as the company has commented within the framework of this event. Among some of the colors available are lime green and coral, the same as for the latest products in the Google ecosystem.

Google Pixel Watch makes it easy to control the basic functions of Pixel smartphones from the wrist, such as accessing contacts or reminders, as well as managing calls by voice commands.

Also, once connected to the mobile application, you can access all Google functionalities, such as emails received from Gmail, Calendar, Drive or Maps.

It also has a series of features focused on health, among which are heart rate control, how many steps have been taken, heart rate or blood oxygen levels.

This service includes features such as a sleep monitoring system, such as a counter to know how many hours you have been asleep or how long you have been exposed to light.

It also reports what type of rest the user needs after performing physical activity or how the quality of their sleep has been, among other features.

Google Pixel Watch also has sensors that alert the user when they detect a fall and send them a notification to confirm that they are okay, as well as direct access to emergency telephone numbers.

In addition to the basic functionalities aimed at care and health, this ‘smartwatch’, which is focused on daily use, offers features for athletes, with more than 1,000 kinds of sports (including HIIT, soccer, and golf) as well as over 400 pieces of mindfulness exercises.

On the other hand, Google has reported that all users who purchase this accessory will have free access to Fitbit Premium for the first six months of use. In addition to this technology, Google Pixel Watch will offer users three months of Google’s subscription service for free. YouTube Music Premium.

Google Pixel Watch will be available soon through the brand’s website and will go on sale for $349.99 in the version with Bluetooth and WiFi. In contrast, the model with this connectivity, as well as LTE, can be purchased for $399.99.

At the moment, the exact date of its launch is unknown, if it will reach the European market then and what will be the final price of this device in the Spanish market.

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