This is the largest moth in the world, and it has a very particular defense mechanism

An unknown insect stands out for its size and its way of keeping predators away.

This is the largest moth in the world, and it has a very particular defense mechanism

Nature is full of animals and species to discover. There are still regions in the world that conserve living beings barely observed by humans, but the vast majority of species have been studied for decades. This could be the case of a moth somewhat special, called attacus atlasand which has the privilege of being considered as the biggest of his kind. This insect has a short life expectancy, although its population is not in danger. On the opposite side, we find these 22 species of animals that are in danger of extinction.

Small body, huge wings and a defense mechanism that deceives with the appearance of two snakes

We previously pointed out the life expectancy of this animal, since one of their big differences with other insects is that once they come out of their cocoon, they don’t eat or drink, so they depend on the energy stored inside. That is why your Life expectancy stands between 1 and 2 weeks. The females barely move, waiting to be fertilizedput your eggs Y To diewhile the males will use their energies overfly looking for the right female for the species to continue on its way. The flight of this insect, by the way, is somewhat erraticboth because of that limited energy, and because of the difference in size between the hairy body and its atthe latter being able to have a length of 25 centimeters.

See the massive appearance of the Attacus Atlas

Take a look at the massive appearance of the Attacus Atlas. tree hugger

Just as the irreverent Frank in the video that we showed you at the beginning of the article, the atlas moths They are one of the great wonders of nature. This species is originally from Asiawas discovered by Carl Linnaeus in the year 1758, and belongs to the order of lepidopterawhere their close relatives, the butterflies, are also found.

However, it is really curious how can they defend themselves predators that are in their environment, since they are able to move their wings showing a Pattern of drawings reminiscent of snakes and that manages to confuse those animals that may try to attack. If you look closely at the top imageyou will be able to appreciate in the rounded ends of the wings what could well be the heads of two snakes for the eyes of other animals. Curious way to defend yourself, when you have so little time to live, but you need to make the most of it.

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