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We have always heard the mantra that being an Apple user is very expensive. That one has to spend thousands of euros on a computer to be able to have macOS. But nothing is further from reality, and the sample is this user, who with very little money he has been able to assemble a very complete setup for a Mac desktop.

A complete, cheap and minimalist setup

Reddit user Kira9059 has shared screenshots of his new “super cheap” setup and has us in awe. The total cost has been 150 dollars. 100 for the monitor, 15 for the mouse, 25 for the keyboard and 10 for the headset. The truth is that to this you add a Mac mini M1 (or its rumored version with an M2 chip) and we are surely facing one of the best quality-price setups on the market.

The author of this post uses an LG 27MN60T monitor. We have not been able to find it in Spain, so we offer you a very similar version, the LG 27MP60G-B for 149.99 euros. The mouse in this setup is the Logitech Pebble Mouse for 19.99 euros. I have personally used this mouse for a while and I think it is wonderful. Moving on to the keyboard, this user uses a Logitech K380 for 37.99 euros. Finally, we know your headphones are worth $10, but the brand or model is unknown.

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If we tried to imitate this setup in Spain it would cost us about 217 euros. We can add a Mac mini M1 from Apple’s refurbished store and we’d have a very good work desk for only €896. We could always wait for the release of the Mac mini with the M2 chip, although doing so would make our setup substantially more expensive. The Mac mini M1 is still a very good desktop, and at that price it’s one of the best out there.

If we only used Apple products, the setup would come out slightly more expensive. The Studio Display would cost us 1,779 euros, the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 109 and 85 respectively, and EarPods 19 euros. 1,992 euros in total (not counting the Mac mini). Just over 9 times the price of this Reddit user’s setup. Obviously the experience won’t be the same, but I don’t think it can be “more than 9 times” better either.

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