Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Coming To Nintendo Switch

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Coming To Nintendo Switch

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The new giant monster title: Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is coming soon to Nintendo

Bandai Namco gave the surprise has announced that the next in the line of monster training simulation games, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, will also be released on this side of the pond, including North and South America, on the Nintendo Switch in a few days, to be precise on October 20, 2022 to download it digitally. The game is a mix between: Ultraman and Monster Rancher, the latter is a beloved series of games that celebrates its 25th anniversary and that will allow us to collect giant monsters and train them to fight. If you are interested in knowing a little more about the Game

In Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, we will take on the role of a promising breeder to breed, befriend and train Ultra Kaiju for competition. We will have at our disposal more than 200 types of Kaiju, including combination variations to collect. These we can generate using keywords or NFC-enabled devices. We can also combine or synthesize monsters to create a completely new Kaiju. In addition to the unique Ultra Kaiju moves not normally seen in previous works, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Set the stage for epic showdowns of monstrous proportions reminiscent of classic Ultraman battles.

One thing that Bandai Namco implemented is that the Kaiju regeneration functions, “Search Music”, will not be implemented in the North American and South American version.

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Coming to Nintendo Switch 1

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