Valve promotes Steam Deck with Nintendo Switch emulator

Since the announcement of Steam Deck It has become a highly desired device for some gamers, allowing us to take our library of Steam games on the go. This has led to comparisons with the switch and in a Steam Deck commercial it was even promoted to Yuzu emulator.

Yesterday Valve published a new commercial for the Steam Deck where they show off some of its features, but it seems that they were careless and promoted an emulator for Nintendo Switch by mistake. In a part of the video we can see the Yuzu emulator on the screen, as we can see below:

In a matter of minutes, many internet users began to share screenshots showing the Valve commercial promoting the Steam Deck with a Nintendo Switch emulator, but it seems that Valve itself had not noticed it, because in a short time they removed the video and published a new one without the Yuzu emulator.

Originally, the Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu only appeared for a few seconds on the Steam Deck screen, but it’s interesting that Valve decided to capture images for its commercial with a console that had the Nintendo Switch emulator installed. Either way, it’s well known that the Steam Deck is a great machine for emulation.

When we discovered the Nintendo Switch emulator in the Valve commercial, the first thing we thought was that Nintendo was not going to be happy, but it is unknown if they plan to take any action on it now that the video has been removed and replaced by another that does not show the Yuzu emulator.

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