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Meme time a Strip the News. Yes, because in the episode broadcast on Canale 5 on the evening of Friday 7 October, the satirical tiggì conceived by Antonio Ricci proposes one of the funniest columns, that of memes, in fact. In this case, entirely dedicated to politics and what happened after the vote on 25 September.

It starts with the teasing a Enrico Letta, the secretary of the Democratic Party who in the vote marked a disaster. Letta, as is known, moved during the election campaign aboard an electric van, which left him on foot several times. So here is the photo of the vehicle and the writing: “I sell an electric van used very little, often unloaded, repaintable, call Enrico (up to the Pd congress) “.

Then the king of trumpets ends up in the viewfinder, Luigi Di Maio, left out of Parliament: “Almost made for Di Maio’s return to the Maradona stadium”, and the reference is to his past as a steward. And again, here is Giggino as Casper: a ghost wandering through the corridors of the Farnesina.

It’s still, Carlo Calenda And Matteo Renzi: “They will be smoky”. Yep, they haven’t achieved much. So the center-right ends up in the crosshairs: the new government team is shown as the Addams family. So Giorgia Meloni in the role of presenter of Who wants to be a minister, an elusive Channel 5 program.

Striscia la Notizia, memes: here the video

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