What's a 'PlayStation 5 Bloodborne' doing on Sony's PAX Australia booth?

These days PAX Australia is being held in Melbourne, an event in which Sony also participates with a stand entirely dedicated to PlayStation 5 and its video games. Among the stations prepared by the Japanese technological giant there is also an unusual one PS5 test kit ‘dedicated’ to Bloodborne.

Intrigued by the media echo generated by this discovery, well-known content creator Lance McDonald tried to clarify. In his latest exchange on social media, the ‘soulslike secret hunter’ confirmed what emerged and underlined the actual presence of a console in the Sony booth indicated as “PlayStation 5 Bloodborne”.

According to the famous developer of the Bloodborne fan made patches at 60fps and discoverer of many blockbuster secrets such as Dark Souls and Elden Ring, the appearance of a PS5 ‘dedicated’ to Bloodborne among the PAX Australia stations does not at all herald the development of the rumored Bloodborne remaster without FromSoftware.

For Lance McDonald, in fact, it would simply be one of the many names nicely assigned by the PAX Australia staff to set up the Sony stations using identification codes for each console: the “PS5 Bloodborne” test kit, in fact, was used to show a demo of Horizon Forbidden West. Near the chat station that mentions Bloodborne we then find another PS5 console dedicated, this time, to one of the most ‘forgettable’ mascots in the entire PlayStation history: we refer to Pepsimanthe unlikely hero of the eponymous PSX adventure.

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