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On the evening of Sunday 9 October 2022, the first full moon will occur from the beginning of autumn, known as the Hunter’s Full Moon, which will have reddish hues. Let’s find out the best time to see it and why it is called this way.

Full moon

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The October Full Moon is also called the Hunter’s Moon and will be the first this fall, which began with the September equinox.

Full moon of the hunter: when to see it?

Full moon
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Precisely, you will be able to see the full moon starting from evening of Sunday 9 October 2022, when the satellite begins to glow in the night sky. Call Hunter’s Moon for several centuries, the full moon of the hunter will be only the first appointment in a month particularly rich in astronomical events not to be missed, among which the shooting stars Orionids and the partial solar eclipse scheduled for 25 October stand out.

Let’s see exactly what time the full moon will be seen and why it is called that.

The next full Moon, the earliest after the onset of autumn, will be visible from the evening of Sunday 9 October 2022 starting at 22.55, as explained by Italian Amateur Astronomers Union. At that precise moment the satellite will enter the full moon phase and you will then be able to admire its entire disk, which could be reddish in color and larger than usual, due to its position still low on the horizon, a phenomenon known as “illusion lunar”.

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The most fascinating way to admire the event is to start following it from the previous night, that of theOctober 8, when the Moon is not yet completely full. Like the September harvest moon, the October full moon also tends to rise for several nights in a row at roughly the same time.

Luna del Cacciatore: why is it called that

Full moon
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The October full moon is known as the Full moon of the huntera name which is the translation of the original title Hunter’s Moonused in the past to signal the ideal time to go hunting and set aside provisions for the winter.

Contrary to other names, however, that of the Full moon of the hunter it is not closely related to Native American tradition. The reference to use, as explained by The Old Farmer’s Almanac, is the autumnal equinox, which marks the end of summer: the full moon closer to this event, which in 2022 occurred in September, is called Harvest Moon, which in turn is always followed by the hunter’s Moon. Depending on the years, therefore, the hunter’s full moon can fall in October or November.

The connection between these two events, and their nicknames, is quite clear: after the harvesting operations, the now bare fields were ideal for finding prey and killing them, which is why one of the alternative names for the Hunter’s Moon is Moon full of blood.


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