You should not buy an expensive router for your home in these cases

Why an expensive router is not always the solution

You may think that buying an expensive router is going to improve your connection. The truth is that acquiring a more powerful device will help you to have better results, such as greater speed, coverage or having fewer cuts. But sometimes it may be unnecessary and you will not improve anything if you buy a better router.

You are going to connect by cable

A first reason why buying an expensive router is not going to be of much use is when you are going to connect by cable. That is when the connection is more stable and there are fewer speed problems. As long as you have a router that has Gigabit Ethernet, it is normal that the speed works the same as if you use another more expensive model.

Therefore, if your intention is simply to connect a computer via Ethernet cable and navigate in this way, it will not really improve the connection much if you use a more powerful router. You may have certain advantages in terms of safety, preventing it from overheating, etc. But in general, you will not notice much.

You don’t have devices compatible with the latest

You would also not get an upgrade if you do not have devices that are compatible with the latest protocols, such as Wi-Fi 6 or WPA-3. Having a powerful, current router is useful if we are really going to take advantage of it. If we are going to connect from old devices, in that case we are not going to notice an improvement.

Unless you have devices that are really going to take advantage of the power and features of a new, powerful router, it’s not worth spending more money to buy a better one. You will navigate practically the same.

you don’t care about speed

Of course, if you’re a user who’s not really going to take into account the speed, which does not matter if the connection is a little better or worse, you do not need an expensive router. If you are only going to connect to check mail, search for information on the Internet or use messaging applications and little else, any router will serve you.

Keep in mind that one of the most important differences between a basic router and a powerful one is the capacity in terms of bandwidth and speed. If that doesn’t matter to you, you don’t need to buy a better device.

You have no coverage problems

Do you connect wirelessly? In that case you have to see if you have problems or not. coverage. If the signal works well, if you are simply going to connect in the same room where the router is, the power it has does not matter so much since the results you are going to obtain are going to be very similar.

A different case would be if you need to enhance coverage. For example if you are going to connect from a more distant room. In that case, you would need a more powerful router, one that has better coverage and can offer you a signal from more remote areas.

In short, as you can see, sometimes it may be unnecessary to buy an expensive router. Before changing the device, think about whether you really need it or not. It is important to protect the Wi-Fi router, so only with that you could have an improvement in the network.

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