A controversial previously banned game arrives on Steam

Valve has backed down when it comes to banning the game that comes as a visual novel. “Chaos;Head Noah” by Spike Chunsoft and MAGES, which is now available on Steam.

Spike Chunsoft has broken the news on social media, and has even provided a statement from Valve that the company acknowledges its mistake and will ensure similar mistakes don’t occur in the future. However, the reasons for the ban Chaos;Head Noah in Steam they remain a mystery.

This past week, Spike Chunsoft announced to his fans that Chaos;Head Noah would not be published in Steam as previously announced. Spike Chunsoft explained that Valve told the publisher that there were certain issues with the game that needed to be changed before it would be allowed on the PC gaming platform.

Spike Chunsoft said that it would not make the requested changes, which meant that Chaos;Head Noah would not come out on Steam. The plan was to find a different way to cast Chaos;Head Noah in his original form. That changed on Thursday, when Spike Chunsoft announced that Valve had changed its mind.

Chaos;Head Noah from MAGES arrived on Steam as originally planned, on October 7, with no changes. Spike Chunsoft went on to say that he believes Valve’s decision is due to fans’ “unwavering support” for the adventure series and their desire to play the game.

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