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Prime Day is back on Amazon. For 48 hours, the first e-merchant in France will flood the web with crazy discounts. Find our selection of the best current deals below.

A few weeks ago, the Amazon ogre officially announced that it was renewing its major operation. Prime Day. After the episode in July, the merchant platform is holding a flash sale on Tuesday October 11 and Wednesday October 12 dedicated to its Prime members. But since this Sunday morning, it is already showing attractive reductions.

With Prime Day being even more important in sales than Black Friday, we can expect high level discounts on all product categories. This Sunday, Amazon is already highlighting a few nuggets. They mainly concern brands created by the merchant, we have made the list below.

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To help you choose from these Prime Day offers on Amazon, we have made a first non-exhaustive list below. As you can see, most Amazon products are at great prices: Kindle e-readers, eero, Blink cameras, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot, etc. On the page dedicated to the operation available on the merchant’s site, you will be able to see the details of each of these offers.

Amazon Prime Day isn’t just about the few products we listed above. There are exclusive flash sales throughout and through October 11 and 12. One thing to keep in mind: first come will also be first served. These operations lead to a significant peak in sales, so there are quickly stockouts on popular references. As long as you have not paid for your purchase on the site, it must be assumed that it is not guaranteed.

Prime customers have a crucial advantage: they enjoy free delivery within 24 hours. This means that even on Prime Day, you will be delivered the next day. You then have 30 days to exercise your right of withdrawal. If the purchased product does not meet your expectations, Amazon will take it back and refund you immediately. The system is well established, you will have no difficulty getting your money back.

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How to make the most of Prime Day?

As already explained above, Prime Day is reserved for Prime customers on Amazon. It is therefore an essential condition to benefit from the reductions detailed above. For information, our list will also be updated on a regular basis to reflect the best current offers. You can bookmark this page on your browser to ensure real-time access to the best flash sales. When a stock shortage occurs, we update it.

Once you are a Prime member, you will then be able to access all exclusive flash sales on Amazon. The merchant makes no exceptions and all product categories are affected. Again, this Prime Day should be seen as an alternative to Black Friday. The giant Amazon is betting more and more on its own events, and these now go beyond the famous Black Friday.

To achieve such a goal, Amazon is forced to cut prices on Prime Day. Computers, smartphones, headphones and audio, TV, consoles and other branded products are highlighted with significant discounts. High-tech is not the only category affected by the reductions. There are discounts on household products, decoration, sports, health, household appliances and DIY.

Whatever your profile and your needs, Prime Day Amazon has a solution for you. If you don’t have the courage to look at the thousands of offers available in the section dedicated to this operation, the easiest way is to use the search bar within the site itself. Just type the name of the product you are interested in and you will know if it is eligible for a discount.

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Prime, an advantage on Amazon

If you are a Prime customer on the merchant site, you will not just be able to take advantage of the Prime Day operation. Indeed, the American merchant offers regular exclusive discounts for its member clients. Compared to an average customer, you will therefore be able to save more on thousands of references. Above all, it often concerns popular products and brands.

Next, Amazon also offers free one day delivery with this loyalty program. If you order regularly online, the 69.99 euros requested for the Amazon Prime subscription will pay for itself very quickly. If you want, you can also pay for this purchase monthly (6.99 euros per month). Note that in any case, you have 30 days free to try the service. This allows you to take advantage of this Amazon Prime Day without any commitment.

Other benefits of the Prime program also include Prime Music and Prime Video. These two streaming services, audio and video, have greatly expanded in recent years. They give you free access to a less complete version of Spotify (with 2 million tracks) and a direct rival to Netflix For less than 6 euros per month, it’s an excellent deal. Prime Gaming also offers you free video games every month.

If Amazon has succeeded in establishing itself as the leader in France, it is because it offers a successful e-commerce experience. Everything is simple, everything is fluid and the customer is king. If you don’t like the product delivered to you, you have 30 days to return it and get a full refund. Other e-merchants are limited to the legal minimum which is 14 days of right of withdrawal after delivery. This also applies during Amazon Prime Day.

To conclude, we remind you that Amazon Prime Day will be held from October 11 to 12. The operation begins at midnight (this Monday evening) with tens of thousands of offers that will be revealed on the platform. Amazon wants to create a second flagship event during the year – which will be on par with Black Friday. If you have some shopping to do, and even if you want to start your Christmas gifts, this is a great opportunity.

To discover Prime Day, it’s here:

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