An incorrect version of a video game has reached the Nintendo eShop: it has already been removed


Today a new and interesting message has been shared that is directly related to Nintendo. We are talking in this case about news focused on the company and the Nintendo eShop.

Specifically, it is a game that came to the Nintendo Switch eShop by mistake. It was an incorrect version of Prodeuswhich was temporarily available but has since been removed.

We recommend removing it because it does not have the title patches and includes different errors. For now there is no date for Prodeus, so we will have to be attentive. However, it has been confirmed that those who bought it do not have to pay for it again and that their save files will be compatible with the correct version when it is released.

What did you think of the news? You can share it in the comments. We also remind you of the features of Prodeus:

Prodeus, coming soon to Nintendo eShop

  • Pure retro shooter mayhem
    Feel the wrath of frenetic and unstoppable action. Shoot your way through hordes of creatures born of chaos using an arsenal of outlandish weapons.
  • red rain
    Splatter the steel walls and alien corridors with the blood of your enemies. Feel the gore of old-time shooters taken to the max thanks to Prodeus’ beautiful and insane dismemberment system.
  • Community Created Levels on Nintendo eShop
    Discover new arenas through a built-in explorer filled with community-created maps for access to visceral new combat every time.
  • multiplayer massacre
    Form a team and take on other players in various multiplayer modes. Beat the campaign in 4-player co-op or jump into the fray in 16-player Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and more. And if all this is not enough for you, create and share your own game modes.
  • Slice to the beat of the music on Nintendo eShop.
    Tear your enemies to shreds while listening to a metal-heavy soundtrack by retro shooter composer Andrew Hulshult. The music changes rhythm dynamically to adjust to your actions.

Font. Nintendo eShop.

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