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Playstation Plus continues to update, month after month, the list of incoming and outgoing titles. After seeing that the subscription service allows you to try Dying Light 2 on Playstation 5 and Playstation 4, Sony has confirmed that another title will greet the line-up offered by its subscription service very soon.

After announcing the first October bonus for Playstation Plus and after revealing that Red Dead Redemption 1 (for PS3) and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (for PS3) will abandon the catalog of games available starting October 17, a further title will greet us soon. Indeed, SOMA will no longer be available from October 18, 2022. Although there are a few days left to the farewell of the survival horror developed by Frictional Games and also published on Playstation 4, users subscribed to the Playstation Plus will still have a few days at their disposal to discover this title.

As mentioned above, it is about an adventure with horror colors and strongly survival mold, landed in 2015 on PC and Playstation 4, to also arrive in the shores of Xbox One only in 2017. The narrative approach of SOMA takes root starting from an underwater research structure, inside which are present some technologies that mimic various human traits, including consciousness. The mysterious circumstances with which the protagonist finds himself inside this structure, will make the player take on the role of Simon Jarrett, making him live an adventure that could surprise many users.

In SOMA there is something for all tastes: the playful system of the Frictional Games production, in fact, incorporates various videogame styles developed by the development team, with a particular focus on stealth components, puzzles and so on, packaging a work that has obtained several positive feedbacks. Facing the horrors lurking in the ocean depths of SOMA will be disturbing but at the same time fun for lovers of the genre. Danger will always be lurking to take you by surprise, in a place filled with contaminated humans and twisted creatures, without letting those who love a futuristic-like production lack crazy robots and corrupt AI.

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