samsung brasil game show


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samsung brazil game show

Samsung will promote a series of championships that will feature the brand’s gamer television: the Neo QLED QN90B. The tournaments’The Ultimate Player‘ will take place on October 10 and 11 at the Samsung stand in Brazil Game Show 2022. On these dates, youtubers, streamers, gamers and influencers will compete live, in front of the public present at the fair.

Among the distinguished guests are names like José Peláez, from Panama (IG @josepelaez); Angel, from Guatemala (@nimuyangel); Milagros (IG @milimansiilla) and Franco Ciancioni from Argentina (IG @francencioci); Manteiga (IG @hero_manteiga) and MeiaUm, from Brazil (IG @omeiaum); Lucy Weird, from Peru (IG @luciaweird); Cali Loli, from Peru (@tekibocas); Juan Isaac, from TecnosSensual, from Chile (@juan_isaacs); Juan Camilo Ortiz Luna (IG @juancascreams) and Sney (IG @elsneyder), from Colombia; Ignacio Orellana Loyola, from Chile (IG @nachitojuegajuegos); Patty Meza, (IG @pattymezam) and Any Cemar (@any_cemar), from Mexico.

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samsung brazil game show

The exclusive screen Super Ultra-Wide it is one of the main differentials of the QN90B, allowing a better display of the match, providing a competitive advantage by expanding the view of your game, allies and enemies.

The 43-inch and 50-inch models of the QN90B have a unique feature: 144Hz refresh rate – an exclusive update to the Samsung QN90B Gaming TV that ensures fast images and smooth transitions between scenes.

The QN90B also features the technology Freesync Premium Pro, which provides a smooth gaming experience, reducing the response time between the TV and the console or PC. Additionally, this technology prevents malformed graphics and image breakage, while the low response time makes commands play out immediately.

In addition to the resources aimed at better player performance, the QN90B has the technology mini ledswhich results in an ideal contrast, bringing much more realism to the reproduced content.

In addition, sound technology Dolby Atmos and the design of the Neo QLED line, along with the function Object Tracking Soundwhich allows the sound of the TV to accompany the sound of objects in the scene, contribute to a truly immersive experience for gamers.

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