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From an online resume we receive further confirmation that Compulsion Gamesteam first party of Xbox Games Studios author of We Happy Few, is developing a third person action adventure.

The question has actually emerged in the past from several rumors, but the curriculum of a Senior Environment Artist reported on Twitter by Faizan Shaikh relates the matter more clearly. The developer reportedly worked for a year and three months on a “new intellectual property for a third-person action adventure” at Compulsion Games.

The rest of the details say little about the game in question, as we talk about the creation of assets and elements for the scenarios and the construction of the levels. The developer has also provided “support for storytelling and design in planning a third of the levels in the game”, which suggests a game with a certain basis. storytelling and perhaps divided into levels.

The game in question could be the mysterious one Project Midnightwhich appeared in some rumors, especially starting from a report by Jez Corden from which the first details – later all confirmed – on Pentiment also emerged.

It would be a third-person action adventure characterized by a fantastic and somewhat dark setting, inspired in some way by the “deep south” of the USAor that particular atmosphere that historically pervades the culture, folklore and settings of states such as Alabama, Georgia, Lousiana and Mississippi.

From last year’s report, the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčCompulsion would be to tell a story of growth and maturation of a character within this setting that blends real characteristics, folk traditions and dark visions in a fantasy world. All in a single player game heavily focused on storytelling.

On the other hand, it had already emerged earlier that Compulsion has expanded and was working on a game in the third person, at this point we await an announcement, also considering that We Happy Few has now been released almost four years ago.

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