DEATHLOOP and Dishonored share a universe, confirms Arkane Studios

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DEATHLOOP, the latest title from Arkane Studios, sparked several theories. Many of them connected him with Dishonored, the other Arkane Studios franchise. Due to the above, many will be happy to know that the study has finally confirmed that both games share a universe.

This was revealed by Dinga Bakaba, director of DEATHLOOP and one of the main creatives of Arkane Lyon. In an interview with the Official Xbox Podcast that also featured Arkane Austin’s Harvey Smith, Bakaba confessed that the rumors about the shared universe of DEATHLOOP Y Dishonored are real.

In addition to confirming that the fans’ suspicions were true, Bakaba mentioned that his idea was that DEATHLOOP share universe with Dishonored, but that their events take place many years later. He also credited the fans for finding the clues that connect both worlds.

“Not everyone has seen the same thing. Not everyone has heard the same song that you may have heard hidden somewhere. Not everyone has seen every room, etcetera, etcetera. So it was nice to see the community take a look at the little hints that we spread everywhere that, yes, indeed, we imagine that DEATHLOOP would happen in the future after [Dishonored 2] Death of the OutsiderBakaba said.

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They wanted the connection between Dishonored Y DEATHLOOP wasn’t too obvious

Later, Bakaba made it clear that his intention was to prevent the connection between DEATHLOOP and Dishonored was too obvious. This was important because they wanted DEATHLOOP had an identity of its own that would shine without being under the shadow of Dishonored; however, they also wanted the connection to exist to further explore what could happen in this world beyond Death of the Outsider.

“While we were doing DEATHLOOPwe said, hey, it could be one of the things that could happen after [Death of the Outsider]. So we have a certain timeline to tie that together and there are actually a lot of tracks in the game. There are some that have been abused, one of them is really a spoiler, so voila, but there are a lot of little things and some that were right under people’s noses all along, but people are just discovering it.” he explained.

And you, what did you think of this news? do you like that DEATHLOOP Y Dishonored have this kind of connection? Tell us in the comments.

DEATHLOOP It is available now for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC. You can learn more about this title by clicking here.

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