Dishonored and Deathloop in the same universe

As indicated by the developers, Deathloop would be one of the possible futures of the world where Corvo’s story takes place.

So much Dishonored What deathloop are two games developed by Arkane Studios in cooperation with Bethesda so there have been rumors among fans about their connection for a long time.

The link was confirmed by a video of xbox podcastby developers Harvey Smith Y dinga Bakaba of arkane.

In the Bakaba record, he indicated that at the time of creating the game, his team added a series of clues to Dishonored for example:

  • Music referencing the game
  • The logo of the city of Dishonored
  • secret rooms

The news was also reported on the bill of Twitter of Bethesda, where they uploaded a conceptual art in which we see the characters of deathloop, colt vahn Y Julianna Blake.

The couple in the photo appears in the large dunwall, the city where all the events of the video game take place Dishonored.

Here are some of the hidden references in the game:

The stranger really is everywhere

In the video uploaded by the user dizzywe can see how in one of the rooms of deathloop there is a Arcadianthis console has the particularity that instead of presenting a ship, it has the outsider’s mark as character.

Outsider’s mark on Corvo’s hand

Also when interacting with the machine, it plays one of the songs from the game Dishonored.

super dishonorable 2

To the developers of arkane it is not enough for them to put once a disgraced in one of his games Arcadianbut they decided to do it also with its sequel.

In one of the rooms that we can find full of machines, there is one in particular that has written Super Disgraceful 2.

This time the screen, in addition to the name, shows us the sword and the heart that curved carries.

“It is a piece that belongs to a museum”


In one of the endings deathloop, julianna Y colt They enter a room and she tells him that now they will face dueling pistols.

seeing them, colt say what they are very old and full of dustwhat she tells him they are vintage and should be in a museum.

These pistols are the same ones that Corvo uses for his duel in Dishonored..

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