Dishonored turns 10, Arkane celebrates with a new artwork -

Dishonored performs today 10 years and the developers of Arkane Studios they have seen fit to celebrate the event with a new one artwork dedicated to the game, created for the occasion by the artist Zi Xu.

A couple of days after the confirmation that Deathloop and Dishonored are set in the same universe, the team wanted to remember the first chapter of the series that made their talent known to the whole world, and which we hope will be back soon with a new episode.

“We couldn’t let this day end without saying thank you to our community for loving Dishonored as much as we do,” reads a Twitter post. “Many have shared what this world and these characters represent to you. Happy 10th anniversary of Dishonored.”

Originally released on October 9, 2012 (October 12 in Europe), Dishonored tells the story of Corvo Attanobodyguard of the Empress of the Isles, who one day helplessly witnesses the killing of the queen and the kidnapping of her daughter, Princess Emily.

Unjustly accused of regicide, the man manages to escape from prison and joins a group of loyalists in order to free Dunwall from the control of the people who organized the cruel coup.

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